Daily Archive: August 10, 2010


They Still Haven’t Learned

As one would expect, the GOP’s new official budget proposal to “stop the reckless spending binge” doesn’t even attempt to do anything of the sort, offering instead little more than time-honored vacuous platitudes about...


Cato Unbound: The Digital Surveillance State

This month’s Cato Unbound features Glenn Greenwald on “The Digital Surveillance State.” He makes the case that it’s too big, too invasive, and too unwieldy to deliver on its promise of security. Rather than...


Tonight on “Real Politicians of the United States”

In tonight’s groundbreaking, must-see episode, the Housewives Politicians cause a media firestorm when Danielle Staub Alaskan activist Kathleen Gustafson calls Teresa Giudice Sarah Palin a lying bitch bad governor and Giudice Palin rolls her...


Immigration and Birthright

A while ago Will Wilkinson proposed scrapping birthright citizenship as part of a grand bargain with immigration foes. Timothy B. Lee is skeptical. I’d give the nod to Tim, because I don’t imagine that...


Empire of Illusion Ch. 5: In Conclusion, We’re Doomed

We’ve reached the end of Empire of Illusion. Throughout the previous chapters, Chris Hedges has argued that Americans have retreated into a fantasy world that denies the grim realities the country now faces. Here,...

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