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Rufus F.

Rufus is an American curmudgeon in Canada. He has a PhD in History, sings in a garage rock band, and does a bunch of other stuff.

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  1. Avatar gregiank says:

    Well there are also three potential mosques that have become controversial with some national political figures trying to stop them from being built. and of course there are prominent figures who insist all of Islam is one monolith who is out to kill us all. Would bigotry not be an obvious answer?Report

    • Avatar Rufus says:

      @gregiank, That’s partly what I’m referring to- I keep reading about people freaking out over mosque construction in NYC, and Tennessee and I think California too. And, it’s probably pure coincidence, but some of the blogs I read have become really incensed about Islam in recent months and their views seem to have hardened considerably. My question is really why they would get so intense about it right now? Did something change? Is it the election cycle? Or something to do with the war? Or was there a major terrorist attack I missed? It just seems like a weird time to become hardliners.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        @Rufus, ever since the 70’s, the liberals have been leaving The Church in droves.

        The fruit of leaving The Church in the hands of right-wingers is finally ripening.

        If only the left hadn’t abandoned The Church! Woe!Report

      • Avatar gregiank says:

        @Rufus, I don’t think any special event has happened. There has been a strong current of Muslim hatred since 2001. I think the mosque near ground zero may be the biggest “event” that has spurred this. Gingrich and Palin have both made it a big issue which has drawn even more attention. I’m sure the election has led P and G to stick their snoots into the issue.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Serious take, how many Koran burnings have there been?

    This is the first one I’ve heard of… and to find that it’s a religion saying that another religion sucks is surprisingly unsurprising to me.

    Have there been a spate of these things? Google News seems to indicate that all of the articles are about one church in particular…Report

    • Avatar Rufus says:

      @Jaybird, The reason I asked though is it could all be coincidence- I just heard about this book burning at roughly the same time I read about three or four mosques coming under fire either for existing or being soon to exist, which was right around the same time that a handful of blogs I read went off the deep end about “the evil death cult of Islam”. So I was wondering if things really were getting nuttier for some reason or if it just seems that way.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        @Rufus, eh, there’s a lot of stuff that was repressed and repressed *HARD* in the days that followed 9/11.

        One of the reasons, I suspect, that folks are so willing to put up with something as vile as the TSA is because they assume that Muslims are getting it just as good and hard… so they’re willing to put up with grandmas being patted down and being forced to throw their potential binary explosives into a 55-gallon drum filled with other potential binary explosives.

        But what’s happened in the last year?

        Well, there was that Hassan guy who did his thing last November… and, yes, recently there has been a somewhat significant problem with the whole “pictures of Mohammed” thing that not only resulted in a huge number of threats but also may or may not have resulted in a car bomb in Times Square.

        I remember reading, in the days after 9/11, about a handful of attacks on people who were either Muslims or Sikhs mistaken for Muslims… but my response tended more towards surprise that there were so few rather than that there were so many (indeed, there were more Mosques burned in Canada in the months following 9/11 than in the US).

        I worry that the stuff that was repressed will, in fact, come out.Report

        • Avatar ThatPirateGuy says:


          I just hope we don’t get internment part duex. If republicans don’t do as I suspect they will in the congressional elections I’ll be really scared. I don’t want them to take the house but I also don’t want people to be shot.Report

  3. Avatar Aaron says:

    I think the answer is pretty simple. Poor economies usually lead to an uptick in xenophobia, we already have a highly partisan atmosphere, and you’ve got Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin out there talking about how mosque building “stabs hearts.” Who knows what they’re saying out there in radioland. It’ll probably quiet down after the election/once the job situation starts to improve.Report

  4. Avatar Tally says:

    Seriously? You need to ask this?

    Let’s see what else is going on in recent years. The right is spewing more and more vitriol and hate speech. “Conservatives” are turning militant with their hate speech. Right wingers are doctoring videos to “show” that non-right wingers are racists. Other right wingers in the media are spewing hate speech and some deranged individuals are starting to act on that hate speech. You have people saying health reform will create death panels that will not allow old farts to live. And, you are surprised that a church is getting ready to perform an act of hate toward another group?

    The trend in recent years is toward more extreme hate against those who are not like a certain religious white conservative group. It is a sad stereotype, but, like many stereotypes, it starts out with the ring of truth.Report