Top Secret America


Jason Kuznicki

Jason Kuznicki is a research fellow at the Cato Institute and contributor of Cato Unbound. He's on twitter as JasonKuznicki. His interests include political theory and history.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Rufus says:

    I think series like this make a good case for why we need newspapers.

    [Note: the accepted plural form of ‘series’ is actually just ‘series’. Some writers go with seriei or serieses, but they look weird to me.]Report

  2. Avatar Andy Smith says:

    When you consider the gigantic amount of time, money and resources devoted to making certain that no one threatens “our way of living”, as a woman quoted in the article puts it, only then, perhaps, can you truly appreciate the incredible emotional immaturity of the human race. I mean, all of this–every last bit of it–would be totally unnecessary in a world where human beings could confront each other honestly and openly. Where instead of jealousy guarding “ours” like five year-olds, we decided that at a certain point, the price for maintaining a level of material consumption that can’t possibly be made available to most of the rest of the planet really isn’t worth it. That the most important things in life don’t have to be guarded, because they are invisible and useless to anyone who doesn’t appreciate them.

    But this is the way life on earth has evolved, and it’s far too late to go back. It would be interesting to know, though, if somewhere in the universe, a species with a simpler, more effective approach to existence has managed to evolve.Report