Daily Archive: June 28, 2010


The MacDonald Slaughterhouse

Whatever your opinion on whether the Supreme Court reached the right result in MacDonald, Ilya Somin destroys the plurality’s argument against applying the privileges or immunities clause despite unambiguous evidence that the privileges or immunities...


Pork and Deliberation

After the news of Senator Robert Byrd’s death broke this morning, I exchanged a couple of text messages with my brother.  In one of them, he wrote that Byrd’s “style of governance has been...


Does Europe Need US Defense Spending?

E.D. has a fine piece in NRO today that lays out the conservative case for cutting defense spending. One thing that actually weakens his case is the claim that Europe depends on US defense...


Let’s cut defense spending

I have my first publication in a major magazine today over at National Review Online. Thanks to the good folks over there for publishing it, especially given the subject matter. And thanks to Reihan...

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