Daily Archive: June 24, 2010


Medea: Aliens, Barbarians, and One Bad Mother

We can’t completely condemn Medea: after all, she was seduced and manipulated by the Corinthian warrior Jason, tricked into using her magic to win the golden fleece for his people, betraying her family and...


Time-lapse of the Schultz fire

It’s sort of strange in Flagstaff right now. Helicopters and planes rattle the buildings. If you live on the West side you see smoke, but the fire still feels somehow distant.  If you live...


Soccer Omnibus Post

I apologize for my noticeable absence around here of late.  That is largely the result of real-world commitments, but on top of that, the free time I have had has been spent passionately following...


Toward an organic society

I have been a bit of a curmudgeon lately.  Cranky and disillusioned by the fact that the tribe with whom I most often agree on policy and economic issues seems determined to shoot themselves...

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