USA 2, Slovenia 2



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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Scott says:

    And people wonder why Americans don’t like soccer or whatever you call it. I hope I live to see the day when the US wins the World Cup and the rest of the world can flip off.Report

    • @Scott, Yes, because the refereeing in the NBA and MLB is perfectly competent and neutral.

      Anywho – why get angry with Slovenia? They played a fantastic and entertaining game that I can’t wait to watch without interruption when I get home.

      It’s not even that the ref was biased – his refusal to card Dempsey was inexplicable and he gave out yellows a little bit too easily to Slovenia (although his decision to card Findley was equally inexplicable, as was his decision not to give a red card to the defender on the “last man back” play).

      He was just a crappy, incompetent ref who has no business refereeing high profile international games (I am told his work in the ANC final was atrocious as well).

      Still – I think it’s a testament to the two teams that they played such a fantastic game in spite of the terrible referee. Indeed, they played so well that every non-American media outlet I’ve checked out is calling it the best game of the tournament.Report

  2. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    It was still an epic comeback. Both those goals were stellar. Also epic were the duration and depth of the officiating suckitude.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Ties add a level of existentialism to sport that I am not deep enough to appreciate.

    “Who won?”