Daily Archive: June 18, 2010


Your Weekend Viewing Recommendation

I’d like to direct your attention to Alyssa Rosenberg’s appreciation of “House of Cards,” a decades-old political drama from our cousins at the BBC. Francis Urqhart, the show’s protagonist, is one of the great...


One last post on the Seattle incident

Here’s Radley Balko: Both women are overreacting here. Obviously the cop is as well. Make up your own mind about whether the punch was warranted. I think you could make a case that by...


Cops are never wrong

So, interesting reaction to my last post. It turns out – and I did not know this – it turns out that the police are never wrong.  Ever. It also turns out that if...


USA 2, Slovenia 2

To quote the immortal Joe Jacobs: “We wuz robbed.” A goal that should have capped off an epic comeback was inexplicably called back to allow the Slovenians to slink away with a draw. Time...


Surprise of the Day

I expected so much better of two Alabamans named Rick and Bubba.


Little Brother is watching

Scott posted this extraordinary video of a Seattle police officer punching a seventeen year old girl in the face and it really is quite shocking to see. What struck me about the incident, though,...


The Realignment of the (Perpetual) Future

I’m reluctant to riff on such a small bit from Lisa’s truly excellent post on political realignments. Still, there’s a brief speculation about the future realignment that I can’t help but note. She writes...