Daily Archive: June 15, 2010


Christopher Hitchens, Bitter Brit

Centuries have passed since British kings claimed a divine right, but British subjects still seem unable to accept the fact that their nominal rulers are human. Such, at least, seems to be the case...


Weasel Stomping Day

“Do we live in a democracy?” asked the Cynic. “What do you mean, ‘in’ a democracy?” answered the Stoic. “Democracy is a procedure of rulership. It’s not a place you live in. Saying you...


The Dhammapada: Socrates & Buddha Vs. Desire

The death of Socrates brings us, in a strange way, to the life of the Buddha. Socrates came to the conclusion that mental/spiritual enlightenment requires us to renounce bodily craving and our need to...


Sometimes, G-d Speaks

A kitschy 62-foot statue of Jesus outside of Cincinnati was destroyed by lightning last night.