Daily Archive: June 11, 2010


Why I watch soccer

The weekend beckons, so I thought I’d write something about the World Cup. At his personal blog, Jonathan Last links to a pretty apt take-down of soccer evangelists he wrote in 2002, when Americans...


Otters, dogs, & liberaltarians

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman are off to get hitched. Congratulations to them both! The good news doesn’t end there, however. Guest-blogging at McArdle’s digs...


Truth, Justice, and the American (sexual) Way

With blogging, I sometimes wonder if I’ve really accomplished anything by linking to another text and saying, “Hey, look at this bizarre thing some dude wrote!” I might just be jawboning and gossiping here...


The weak presidency

Via Jonathan Chait, the other other Jonathan* – Jonathan Bernstein, not Jonathan Cohn – has a handy rebuttal to this Greenwald post. Greenwald, whose admirable passion may have gotten ahead of his political science...


We need to use less oil so we can keep using oil longer

This bizarre Jeff Jacoby column argues that we shouldn’t hurt oil’s feelings. He quotes: Americans consume oil not because they are “addicted’’ to it, but because it enriches their lives, making possible prosperity, comfort,...


Economics 101

[updated] Nate Silver puts several bullet-holes through this Wall Street Journal op-ed by Daniel Klein, which is a good thing since both Klein’s piece and the poll he conducted and then based the piece...

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