Daily Archive: June 10, 2010


Work, as a financial reality: The lesson of Norma Rae

It’s hard to pinpoint a year more emblematic of second-wave feminism and its emphasis on career than 1979.  In popular entertainment, The Mary Tyler Moore show had concluded its seven-year run only two years...


The Obama Overton Coup Window and other fairy tales

[updated] Oh my: It’s January 2011. The GOP is about to assume control of both houses of Congress—having been voted in by a public deeply suspicious of Democrats after President Barack Obama conducted clandestine...


Site issues, etc.

THERE. I have now made the site just that much prettier.  And after much gnashing of teeth, I have also got the bloody “Reply” feature working again. If any of y’all have any thoughts,...


Failed girls

At Feministe, Jill writes about a heartsickening story of a 13 year old’s self-induced abortion after being impregnated by a 30 year old: “… And her community and her culture — the people who are...


Afghan Army/Gov’t FAIL

As a surprise to no one with some understanding of the Afghan context, instead of relying on universalist abstract COIN theories (“assume a can opener” , “assume a competent national government”), the Afghan Army,...



From ESPN’s Tim Legler: Ron Artest, although regularly displaying a complete disregard for sensible offensive decision-making, can still make a great scorer’s life completely miserable.