Daily Archive: June 8, 2010


Plato: Meno & Learning Virtue

First off: Welcome to Austin Bramwell and Lisa Kramer! The more the merrier around here. Okay, the Meno dialogue deals with some of the same themes as the later Phaedo dialogue, particularly the idea...


seniority & nepotism

Lisa – I should clarify my thoughts on both merit pay and seniority. Regarding merit pay, I agree with you and a number of commenters here that it is very difficult to accurately measure...



Response to E.D.: I’ve felt for a while that the pendulum was starting to swing and that cracking the teachers unions would soon become an issue that lacked ideological definition (I compare it to...


Helen Thomas is really, really old

John Cole posts this video (an expanded version of the one stirring up all this controversy) of Helen Thomas answering some questions about Israel and journalism: Well, it’s not exactly the most sensitive thing...


Architecture & Innovation

I thought some of the more future-oriented and techno-optimistic of the League’s readers would be interested in this argument: A durable and beautiful built environment provides the best physical and spatial context for human...


Manufacturing right-wing bias

Von, of ObiWings, dissects a rather unsurprisingly propagandistic Rasmussen poll on immigration: Although 58 percent of voters want to abolish birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, "[s]ixty percent (60%) of voters favor a welcoming immigrant...

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