The Nation on the Templeton Foundation.

William Brafford

William Brafford grew up in North Carolina, home of the world's best barbecue, indie rock, and regional soft drinks. He just barely sustains a personal blog and "tweets" every now and then under the name @williamrandolph.

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2 Responses

  1. Francis says:

    Templeton’s mission at the end of the day is accomodationism: “You can be a good Christian and a legitimate scientist (or even supporter of scientists) at the same time.”

    The degree to which core Christian beliefs need to become metaphorical is left up to each individual. We’ll just paper that bit over.

    Faith has both enriched the lives of an enormous number of people and been the cause of great evil. The new atheists recognize that eliminating faith is impossible; we just want to limit its influence on the public sphere. And that’s where Templeton’s influence is pernicious. It seeks to legitimize the idea that knowledge through faith is as legitimate a way of knowing, and making public policy, as knowledge through science.

    And there it’s just wrong.Report