Daily Archive: May 27, 2010


Please, read the whole thing

Short form reading recommendations are usually reserved for the sidebar, but I feel compelled to give this one front page billing. Sydney Schanberg – a Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose work inspired “The Killing Fields”...


The Tea Party’s Skin Deep Libertarianism

Jim Geraghty has a great article on the foibles of a movement candidate from Nevada, including one statement that sounds awfully close to an endorsement of prohibition:


“Battling Disease”

In an interesting post at Girl w/ Pen, Alison Piepmeier discusses her discomfort with using battle metaphors to describe life with illness and disability: “I’d be politically troubled or offended if someone had referred...


The Innovation Boom

Given the recent discussions about social dynamism and technological innovation around these parts, you may be interested in Scott Sumner’s take on the 20th century’s innovation boom. The scope of technological change at mid-century...



So, I’m just getting around to checking out Ricochet (featuring, of course, the estimable James Poulos).  I have to say that I’m absolutely in love with the layout, which I think is wonderfully conducive...


Trial & Error

“There might be a compromise here.” ~ Jason, earlier today I think it depends on the ‘localist/artisanist/do-it-yourself’ individual, obviously, but I think many would certainly like Make magazine. I hadn’t heard of it before,...


Why This and Not That?

A question for the localist/artisanist/do-it-yourself contingent: How do you feel about Make magazine? Do you know it? Love it? Proudly subscribe, as I do? Or do you mistrust it as inauthentic and non-traditional? I’m...