Daily Archive: May 24, 2010


Fixing the Service Academies

It’s a subject I know very little about, but this op-ed on Annapolis and West Point is a pretty searing indictment of how we educate our officer corps.


What Fiscal Responsibility Means

UPDATED This tool from the Committee for a Responsible Budget is fantastic.  It also drives home just how difficult it will be to restore some amount of fiscal responsibility.  I actually got the debt...



Around the tubes….LOG Alum Br. Jamelle Bouie and friend of the Ordinary Gents Sr. Dara Lind are both guest blogging for Matthew Yglesias [link fixed].  Congrats on the gig you two.  It’s well deserved....


The Idiocy of Rural Food

I’m sorry to be a downer on the whole peasant food discussion, but that’s part of my job as a historian. In very good times, peasant food was halfway decent. Very good times were...


Ménage à cinq

The French Romantic author Gérard de Nerval once wrote: “In the character of our nation, there is a tendency to exercise force when one possesses it, and have pretensions to power, when one does...


Discrimination, Suits

To stir the pot a bit, I recall reading somewhere…. that the most common type of discrimination lawsuit is age discrimination by older people; that these suits are the most expensive discrimination cases to...