Lost blogging: What They Died For


Erik Kain

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  1. I decided a couple of weeks ago to stop trying to think through it and to just let it happen. I just hope the merging of the two realities is one smartly.Report

  2. Avatar Trumwill says:

    Is Richard Alpert dead? I thought he was immortal, but maybe not.

    Alpert seems to be under the impression that there are circumstances in which he can die, it just won’t happen naturally and he can’t kill himself. That being said, I doubt he’s dead.

    Once Jack takes on the top job and Jacob is gone forever, is his ‘protection’ gone too?

    I doubt it, since Locke couldn’t kill Jacob. I imagine the same rules will apply to Jack.

    Going back to “Across the Sea” for a moment: was Jacob and Smokey’s “mother” also a smoke-monster

    It’s not impossible, but I think it unlikely. I think she killed the folks the old fashioned way. The smoke nature of Esau (smoke-Locke) seems to be specific to him by virtue of Jacob’s sending him into the cave.

    What does Desmond mean by wanting sideways Locke to “let go”?

    I take the pretty straightforward meaning on this. The same thing Jack meant. Whatever is holding Locke back, he needs to move past it. I get the feeling that Desmond has discovered that most people have something holding them back.

    Will everyone be at the concert?

    This one leads to the most interesting question that you didn’t ask… who is Jack’s ex-wife? Sarah is the most obvious candidate, but for some reason I discounted that possibility. I can’t remember why, so that might be a mistake. I think it’s Juliet. But that’s nothing more than a guess.

    And does anyone know if it’s possible to get a network channel like ABC now if you don’t subscribe to any cable package? I’d rather not wait until Monday this time to watch it on Hulu….

    Amen, brother. I don’t have cable or satellite and I am scratching my head trying to figure out what to do. However, I am too far in the boonies to get antennae unlike most people. Are you?

    There are some people that stream what they watch on the Internet. I saw a few football games through this last season. Surely one of them will be watching Lost. The video quality tends not to be great, however. And I think it’s mostly a sports thing, so maybe one of them isn’t watching Lost.Report

  3. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    I feel like Across the Sea gave us some incidentally interesting concepts and semi-demi-hemi-answers, but nothing I think the series is any less complete without. I personally could have been happy, and would have preferred, watching another episode fleshing out the story like What They Died For and not missed the contents of Across the Sea much at all. (It is of course possible I’m saying that not accounting for how Across the Sea is now enhancing my enjoyment of what I’m seeing. But I still didn’t much enjoy the process.)

    I’d like to have had that extra ‘regular’ episode, because I feel like they’ve run out of time at just the wrong time – now that the story is really on track with Super-Jack ready to take on MIB. It seems like they could have gotten here half way through the season without breaking a sweat. Now, I’m ready for some cliffangers in the finale and to watch the big fight play out next season. Ah, well.

    Incidentally, I tend to agree that Jack, despite now having been set up for it now for so long, seems an odd choice to take over as protector. I was always a big fan of Jack (rare, I know), but what I liked was his unrelenting rationalism and drivenness to get off the Island. That made his need to “go back!” very intriguing, but somehow I just can’t gat all the way around to where he abandons his previous life persona to become the mystical protector. (Same for a number of other characters. I guess I just don’t buy into the whole ‘fundamental change in character’ concept.) I agree Locke or perhaps Ben was a more believable choice. Additionally, it’s kinda lame to just go ahead and do what you’ve been telegraphing for the whole season. Maybe there’s another bombshell coming. I always thought the reason for Jack to go back that matched his character would have been to help fight off the MIB to set right the balance on (“fix”) the Island, but then to hand the protectorship off to a character more suited to it. I’m a continuity guy, and I think Jack remains a man of science, and one with a lot of reason to get back to a life that had the fundamentals in place to be pretty sweet – not least because he seems to have found someone to share it with, if he can just figure out a way to park a few issues. (BTW, my favorite character/actor on the show, is hands down Christian Shepard and the actor who plays him.) I think you’re right, though, E.D., the “real” Locke always seemed just about tailor-made for the role they’ve carved out as Island protector.Report

    • @Michael Drew, I think they could really come out of nowhere by making Sawyer the protector. He was ‘humanized’ when he was with Juliet and we saw he could care about something. He had that great moment on Tuesday where he realized he was responsible for killing the folks on the sub. What if Jack sacrafices himself in the finale to kill Locke and Sawyer takes the job? Of course – with the possible merging of the two realities, that opens up a whole slew of characters who could take the job.

      And this is why I quit trying to figure it out…Report