Daily Archive: May 20, 2010


At least it’s not another remake

Always follow your dreams! Like Quentin Dupieux, whose dream was to make a horror movie about a run-amok killer tire that blows people up with its mind. Yes- you read that right.


Plato, “Crito”, and should we obey bad laws?

Now we come to the dialogue “Crito”, which poses the question: What does the individual owe his society? Specifically, if living in a society means obeying the “laws of the land”, do we owe...


Further Notes on Dispositional Politics

I’ve been thrilled to watch the discussion about dispositional politics unfolding here at the League. Here are some further thoughts, in part to try to rein things in. Not all politics is dispositional.


Rand Paul, Meet Max Weber

So Rand Paul wouldn’t have supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Let’s start with Max Weber’s definition of the state, which libertarians often embrace: The state is a monopoly on the legitimate use of...


Why Rand Paul is wrong about the Civil Rights Act

Given that the Civil Rights Act is in no danger of repeal and the libertarian-ish wing of the Republican Party offers some interesting opportunities for coalition building on civil liberties and foreign policy, I’m...


What Moral Relativism Really Looks Like

Not that there are many supporters of the ex-gay “movement” who read this blog, but this description of what that “movement” can entail should make anyone ask which group are the real “moral relativists.” ...


Lost blogging: What They Died For

[updated] I’ve been terribly remiss in my Lost blogging. Unfortunately, my schedule and my lack of a television make it hard for me to blog about TV shows – even shows like Lost which...


Counterfeit Communities

Jason’s piece has already inspired a number of responses, but one element I wanted to point out was Jason’s rather unexpected agreement with Patrick Deneen. Here’s the quotation from Deneen’s Cato Unbound piece that...