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11 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Are you next going to have a story about P&G’s moon-and-stars logo was a satanic symbol? Sometimes a design is just a design and nothing more.Report

  2. Advertising at its best. Makes me long for the return of Mad Men.Report

  3. North says:

    The cigarette companies are lying megacorps who peddle poison to idiots. And they should be free to advertise however they like damn them.Report

    • Matthew Schmitz in reply to North says:

      I don’t think smokers are idiots. Smoking, along with alcohol and coffee, is one of the most perfect and universal consolations available to man.Report

      • North in reply to Matthew Schmitz says:

        @Matthew Schmitz, Perhaps idiots is excessively harsh. Demi-idiots is perhaps better? Neither alcohol nor coffee pickle the inside of your lungs from ordinary moderate use nor do they make you and all your possessions reek like a garbage incinerator for as long as you continue to use them. While I’m aware that alcohol has some heightened health risk factors they’re not as severe as cigarettes.Report

        • trumwill in reply to North says:

          @North, that’s true, as far as the effect that basic use has on the user. However, any conversation weighing the negative effects of tobacco vs alcohol has to take addiction into account. Tobacco addiction ruins your lungs. Alcohol addiction ruins your life.Report

          • North in reply to trumwill says:

            @trumwill, Trum, I am willing to concede that point. But to provide a counter point; a person who drinks moderately will typically suffer no significant long term ill effects and is at not a particularly high chance of physiological addiction. A person who smokes moderately will be assured highly negative long term effects and will be physiologically addicted to the cigarettes in short order. Certainly I’ll agree that alcohol is also a poison but it is a somewhat less pernicious and slightly less lethal one.

            Truth be told I’m biased. My Grandfather was a fisherman and he smoked my Grandmother to death (second hand smoke induced lung cancer) and then was a walking exhibit of hell on earth for a couple of years until he died. I’ve never seen a man die of guilt before. May I never see it again.Report