Daily Archive: May 12, 2010


Not the Robin Hood you were thinking of

Roger Ebert’s review of Robin Hood is not the one I wanted to read. I wanted a thumbs up, four stars, 99% fresh – and instead I learn that this is in fact a...


Alabama is for lovers

David Weigel shares this pretty hilarious attack ad on Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne: Byrne responds: I believe the Bible is the Word of God and that every single word of it is true....


Money & Music (and The Avett Brothers)

We had a pretty good discussion about the internet and making ends meet as musicians, but it struck me last night that I’d left out one important factor about the music (and musicians) of...


If. And If.

“If Kagan is gay, but is being closeted about it, then I don’t trust her on gay issues… About the only people who seemed convinced that being gay is a major insult or slander...

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