Daily Archive: May 11, 2010


Once More into the Liber-al-tarian Breach

Erik’s post today gives me a good excuse to better define and clarify what I’m talking about when I talk about liber-al-tarianism and the notion that the intermediate-term future of libertarianism lies more with the...


Bad News for US Soccer

It looks like Charlie Davies’ inspirational attempt to come back from life-threatening injuries to make the 2010 US World Cup squad has fallen short.  I’ve little doubt that Coach Bradley made the right decision,...


Banning Burqas: Yea or Nay?

I fall squarely in the “nay” camp, but here’s a nice summary of the debate over burqas in France from The Economist.


As American as Passover

A few more idle thoughts on the preeminence of American Jewry: It’s not as if Jews haven’t played important roles in government before now – I once read that Charlemagne relied heavily on Jewish...


Your quote for the day

“If I’m a war criminal, then Barack Obama is a war criminal,” Rove said. Words every civil libertarian Democrat ought to chew on, I think.


Fringe bipartisanship

Ben Smith points to the first real bipartisanship we’ve seen for quite some time: Bipartisanship is a rare thing in Washington, but the Senate just 96-0 to pass a bill to "Audit the Fed,"...


Kagan and the Conservatives

I haven’t had enough time to dig into soon-to-be-Justice Kagan’s record in nearly the depth that I would like, and I’m not expecting to have all that much time to provide a fitting analysis. ...