Daily Archive: May 7, 2010


Your Friday evening brain teaser

This dialogue between David Frum and Jonah Goldberg has been getting some attention: Let’s bracket the “Is Obama a socialist?” question in favor of something a little less contentious. What, if anything, is the...


Hooray for the Pill

The fiftieth anniversary of the birth control pill is reason to celebrate, says Susan Jacoby. Agreed in full.


Was Jesus a Canadian?

Since Will decided it was appropriate to create a post tag entitled “Steve Nash is baller status” the other day, I think I’m obliged to ensure that said tag is used more than once...


All the American Tories

Daniel McCarthy has perhaps the best take on Red Toryism and its incompatibility with the realities of American politics I have seen yet. One important factor behind the success of traditional, pre-liberal Toryism in...