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5 Responses

  1. Chris Dierkes says:

    Smacking around The Corner and The Weekly Standard in one morning. Nice.Report

  2. Nob Akimoto says:

    Victor Davis Hanson needs to return to being a mediocre classicalist instead of pretending to be a political scientist.

    It’s abundantly clear he knows nothing of what he’s talking about and the only thing he seems to do is discredit is his otherwise legitimate academic writing by coming off as a crank elsewhere.

    (See also: Orson Scott Card)Report

  3. Rufus F. says:

    “If Hanson is to be believed, bureaucratic terminology has more to do with Muslim extremism than, say, invading and occupying a Muslim country.”
    Ouch! Good line.Report

  4. John David Galt says:

    It seems to me that the Allies’ long-term post-WW2 occupations of both Germany and Japan were necessary (as the only way to keep from having to fight that war again), morally right, *and* successful too, and that the only sensible conclusion to the jihadists’ war against the West is to do the same to every Muslim-run nation of the world, until they’ve un-learned the notion of enforcing religious faith as thoroughly as Germany has un-learned Nazism. If this be a “human rights violation,” make the most of it.

    Yes, it will be expensive, in money and in human lives. But how many 9/11s will it take before we do it? Because nothing less will keep them from continuing to attack us.

    Any attempt at appeasement will just be laughed at over there. That’s not how a strong leader or strong country behaves (in Arabs’ opinion).Report