Daily Archive: May 6, 2010


Wise Words

I thought this comment, from Boegiboe, deserved a place of prominence, especially since the threads on the tactics involved in the War on Drugs are winding down.  Comments at LOG and elsewhere have often noted...


Reading comprehension was never his strong suit

The Weekly Standard puts out some great long-form journalism, but goddamn is their blog spectacularly annoying sometimes. Here’s Daniel Halper, criticizing The Washington Post for hiring David Weigel to cover the conservative movement: If...


Words and Deeds

Faced with the unassailable fact that Obama’s much-ballyhooed foreign and counter-terror policies differ very little from the Bush Administration’s, Victor Davis Hanson is left spluttering: So when Obama and his team were dreaming up...


Gillespie rants; Los Suns win

I usually shy away from linking to Reason, mainly because you’re probably reading them already. But this brilliant rant from Nick Gillespie on immigration and the Phoenix Suns deserves top billing.


Desire and Deviance, again

A few weeks (months?) ago, David kicked off an interesting discussion on gay culture and sexual orientation. From The Utne Reader, here’s a smart take on the political logic of presenting sexual preferences as...


Department of Useful Concepts: The Corner Solution

A corner solution arises whenever, when faced with a tradeoff among two or more variables, we declare that one of the variables is to be minimized regardless of the state of all of the...