Would-be terrorists suck at life


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8 Responses

  1. Michael Drew says:

    Shazad was a successful consultant who owned a pretty sweet house in Connecticut apparently. I’m not sure that’s sucking at life. The terrorism seemed to sabotage an otherwise successful life it seems in his case.Report

    • greginak in reply to Michael Drew says:

      @Michael Drew, His life appears to have fallen apart in the last few years. He lost his house to the bank.

      It certainly makes some sense that people who are screwing up life would be drawn to something that would give them power and succsess.Report

      • Michael Drew in reply to greginak says:

        @greginak, Interesting, thanks. Hadn’t read about a foreclosure (if that’s what it was) yet. Now there’s an interesting potential confluence of mega-meta-stories for you. Huge, really, if it turned out to be more or less that simple.Report

  2. Bruce says:

    He lost his house because he quit his job and stopped paying his mortgage to move back to Pakistan.Report

  3. Kyle says:

    Maybe being a bourgeois revolutionary knows know ideological/religious boundaries?Report