An Instant Onion Classic

Jason Kuznicki

Jason Kuznicki is a research fellow at the Cato Institute and contributor of Cato Unbound. He's on twitter as JasonKuznicki. His interests include political theory and history.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Peace Be Upon His Noodly Appendages) I had my office door closed while reading that, so as to muffle the uncontainable hysterical laughter emanating from my abdominal region.Report

  2. Aaron says:

    But who joined Scalia in dissent?Report

  3. Mike Schilling says:

    Scalia’s dissent insisted that if society can’t enforce its values by passing laws against vulgar speech, it would also lose the power to criminalize assault, rape, torture, murder, and consensual gay sex.

    Scalia was joined by Breyer, who took a centrist position protecting the use of Shit, Piss, Fuck, and Tits, while allowing states to control Cunt, Cocksucker, and Motherfucker.Report

  4. greginak says:

    well that made waking up today worthwhile. I would pay to have actors who look like the various judges act this out. I’d pay a lot for that.Report