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Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar jacobus says:

    Go Jeff Flake. He even represents a cotton-growing state.Report

  2. Avatar Katherine says:

    …. I honestly can’t think of a way this could make less sense. Once again, Obama is being disappointing.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    If we stop taking money from the American people to give to cotton growers, the cotton growers will have to raise their prices and do you know who will pay the price for that?

    The American People. Indeed, The Children. They’ll be wearing polyester or rayon or, heaven forbid, running around naked.

    While I could see how someone perverse would want children running around naked like so many 4th World Countries have them do, I don’t see why a country that finally has found the will to provide these children health care wouldn’t clothe them as well.

    Have you no decency, sir?Report

  4. Avatar North says:

    Lord, why does this have to come down all on one day? If it wasn’t Friday I’d just go to sleep for 48 hours and hope that it was all a nightmare. For heavens’ sake why???? (yes politics, the Senate, cotton growers scream loud while the geenral voters don’t care I know I know)Report

    • Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

      @North, North, olde palsy, if you think this is bad, I’m arguing with a group of women on FB about Dear Leader…and I just told one that its people like her that make me thing not everyone should be allowed to vote!!!!
      These people are “stuck on stupid.”Report