The Advance of Hungary’s Far-Right



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4 Responses

  1. Avatar lukas says:

    Spike is (predictably) overheated about this. Jobbik is perfectly comparable to nativist law-and-order right-populist movements in Western Europe, such as the German far right, Austria’s FPÖ or the British National Party. If the Netherlands’ PVV seems tolerant and liberal compared to Jobbik, that is because it is a different phenomenon. PVV is actually quite a liberal party, except on the crucial issues of immigration and Islam.

    Let us hope that Jobbik’s success galvanizes the powers that be to reform themselves and to address some of the very real problems that Jobbik is talking about.Report

  2. Avatar Schwartz says:

    ***more broadly this is a movement committed to the cultural rehabilitation of Hungarian identity. ***

    Why is this such a bad thing per se?Report

  3. Avatar lukas says:

    Apparently, resentment against minorities (Jews, Gypsies, Romanians, Slavs) is part of the Hungarian identity Jobbik is trying to construct. That’s kind of a biggie, especially in light of Hungarian history.Report