Kaus for the Court!

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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    So I did some quick binging (er, googling via bing) and tried to find if Mickey wrote anything about Gonzales v. Raich. It doesn’t look like he has… So, as such, it’s not like Kaus could be worse.

    Hell, if he believes in something akin to “free speech means that the government shouldn’t censor political speech”, he may even be better.

    Interesting… for someone with a dad who was a Judge, he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time blogging about cases. Kelo doesn’t seem to be mentioned, Raich doesn’t seem to be mentioned…Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Aside: Officially, all I can hope for is someone who isn’t Ivy League.

    I’m rooting for Diane Wood… because, no matter what, we’re going to have a justice who automatically takes the side of The State over the side of The People. Might as well have someone who actually went to a real school.Report

    • Avatar Mark Thompson in reply to Jaybird says:

      @Jaybird, Personally, I’d like to see someone with a background as a legislator rather than as a judge or as someone with executive branch experience. If we are to get someone who always sides with the State (and we are), then it would be nice to get someone who sides with a different division of the State, if only to gum up the works.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Mark Thompson says:

        @Mark Thompson, I want someone who has worked more with Public Defenders than with Prosecutors. If that ain’t an option, a former legislator/executive might be a pretty sweet workaround.

        Nominate Bill Clinton! Seriously, it’s not like he’d be worse than Stevens and he might even be good on a handful of weird and oblique issues.

        Just daydreaming about it has me salivating at the thought of the hearings…Report

        • Avatar North in reply to Jaybird says:

          Oddly enough I have heard a couple mutters about nominating Hillary. But frankly I don’t see an upside for Obama in putting a Clinton in other than making the Republicans seem even crazier than they already look.Report