Think of the (non-existent) children!!!


Rufus F.

Rufus is an American curmudgeon in Canada. He has a PhD in History, sings in a garage rock band, and does a bunch of other stuff.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar JosephFM says:

    Ahh, well I certainly understand the motivation – but on the other hand, I do worry that there will be a countervailing trend to replace lolicon/shotacon manga with, you know, actual child porn.

    Beyond that, Japan (the government and news media, anyway) has a history of treating victims of its own social pathologies with paranoia, and indeed of blaming them for utterly unrelated problems. This seems of a piece with other otaku panics.Report

  2. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    Yeah, it’s an understandable urge I suppose. My first thought, though, was how in the world would they enforce something like that? I’d probably have wound up in jail at age 13 for the drawings I made myself of girls in my class. And then there’s the question of criminalizing fiction. Not to mention the internet throwing a wrench in the works. I do think they’ll pass the law, but not that it’ll protect actual children.Report