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  1. Avatar Will says:

    Best. Meme. Ever. The complete lack of overlap between the four lists from the League is also pretty amusing.Report

  2. Avatar Matthew Schmitz says:

    The scary thing is that I’ve devoted nearly as much attention to certain Youtube videos (ahem, Trapped in the Closet) as I have to many of these books.Report

    • @Matthew Schmitz, could tenfluential YouTube videos be the next big meme?Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        @William Brafford,
        I can’t remember the last name of the first girl who brushed her lips against mine (Merrier? Mariam? Murrie?), I can’t remember the first name of the Chemistry teacher who changed my life for the better by teaching me qualitative analysis.

        For the life of me, not a day has gone by in the last 12 years where I did not chuckle to myself at the thought of that fat kid falling in the river.Report

  3. Avatar Kaleberg says:

    Alexander wasn’t alone in his application of grammar to architecture. There was a major school in Eindhoven with something called the SAR design methodology. It was true to its time. SAR was used to develop a lot of public housing in Holland, but also in various projects in Mexico and Venezuela where it was combined with a movement towards “people’s architecture” and architecture by yourself.

    My favorite Cram story is at, and it reveals a profound lack of faith, and a profound lack of understanding of the medieval world. The great gothic cathedrals were a combination of church and market place with wood, salt, cloth and other products on sale.Report

  4. Avatar Rufus says:

    Mr. Schmitz,
    Good choices! I think you asked if I was going to post about Either/Or, and indeed I am planning to, although I’m not sure I’ve quite understood all of it yet. Actually, I’m planning on posting about at least half of these books. Maybe we could do a group read of the Brothers Karamazov…Report