Tennis-track versus wrestling-track Democrats


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11 Responses

  1. Sam M says:

    I know a lot of people who like both golf and football. But the divides on the Dem side seem pretty clear. Although it might just be easier to say “rich” and “poor.”Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    XBox 360 track, PS3 track, and Wii track.Report

  3. Mike Schilling says:

    And as always, we baseball-track voters have nowhere to go.Report

    • Rufus in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      I was wondering where boxing fits into this theory.Report

      • trumwill in reply to Rufus says:

        What I would be interested in is how the boxing demographic has shifted as its popularity has declined. Back in the Iron Mike days, it was something that a lot of people kept track of. Afterwards, not so much. Who stopped watching? Who still does? My guess is that it’s become more Democratic, but that’s just a guess. I would also be interested to know how the fact that any and every boxing match worth watching being on PPV affected things.Report

    • Mike Schilling in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      Al least Alfred, Lord Tennis-track got it:

      You must wake and call me early, call me early, mother dear;
      To-morrow ‘ill be the happiest time of all the glad New-year;
      Of all the glad New-year, mother, the maddest merriest day;
      For it’s to be Opening Day, mother, it’s to be Opening Day.

  4. Yellow Dog says:

    I believe the correct term is rasslin’. Wrestling is what they do in the summer Olympics.Report

  5. Shannon's Mouse says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Sam M. Replacing “football track” with “NASCAR track”probably gives a better picture of the divide.Report

  6. JosephFM says:

    The funny thing is I’d almost certainly be basketball track, though I’m scarcely an “urban minority”, unless that category includes Jews. Couldn’t care less about most of these sports, but I still follow my Heat.Report