Blond at Georgetown, II

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  1. Avatar englishcon says:

    I’m not surprised, honestly, by your experience of confusion in response to Blond. I didn’t hear the talk and haven’t read much of his writings, but he studied, after all, under John Milbank, and so cut his teeth in the rarefied air of a philosophical theology attempting to answer post-structuralist Lacanian psychoanalytic theory and dialectical materialism. He who can follow Deleuze and Guattari can also follow Blond and Milbank. This stuff is either brilliant and unselfdeceived beyond all of our abilities or it is intentionally and contemptuously opaque. Like Milbank, once every page, Blond seems to penetrate through the ultra-abstract jargon enough to express momentarily a passionate positionality that is appealingly strong and clear-minded. In between are sentences that I barely comprehend. I wish these thinkers who are courageous enough to tackle the Zizeks of the world were also kind enough to bring the rest of us along.Report

  2. Avatar Rufus says:

    I’m curious about how he condemned Locke, if you remember.Report