Brooks on Blond


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2 Responses

  1. Jason Kuznicki says:

    I’m afraid the Brooks column is even more befuddling to me. We’ve had well over a decade of big-government projects, from two wars, to Medicare Part D, to No Child Left Behind, to Obamacare, with a fiscal profligacy that’s never been seen before in our history.

    And Brooks blames libertarians? Seriously? Would it be imaginable, in any possible world, for Brooks not to blame libertarians? Even for the things we opposed, and the cheered on?

    And now he wants more communitarianism? (As an antidote to what?) We already know what the communitarian option looks like, at least when it’s translated to the federal level, which everything always is nowadays.

    I won’t always defend the Tea Party, but I’ll say this: Whatever libertarianism they have is a sign of health, not of sickness, in our polity. Local associations flourish when people are free, not when these associations become government boondoggles or sinecures for public policy wonks with the latest clever ideas.Report