Daily Archive: March 19, 2010


Musical Interlude Brought to You by Gregory House

As a boy raised in churches, with a profound love of the black church tradition of the Hammonds, Soul-R&B, British 60s psychedelic rock, and the Canterbury Tales, the first minute and a half of...


Leaving the ‘Sphere

Friend of the Blog Sonny Bunch hangs up his spurs at Conventional Folly. He’ll be missed.


Freedom Scam?

Debbie Schlussel calls Sean Hannity’s Freedom Alliance charity a scam.  If a charity is only spending 12% (or less) of the money it brings in to provide the services that the charity was set up to provide...


Brooks on Blond

If you’re looking for a good introduction to the Red Tories, David Brooks’ column does a much better job of explaining Philip Blond’s philosophy than my muddled post. Blond is also is speaking at...


Blond at Georgetown

Your faithful correspondent donned a collared shirt and ventured into Georgetown last night to listen to Philip Blond’s presentation on “Red Toryism” (Blond’s Wikipedia entry is here; the Porch has a good introductory post...


Predictions about Healthcare

I’m going to make a few predictions about the future of U.S. healthcare, provided that the bill under consideration passes. First, the bill will prove substantially more expensive than projected. Ezra Klein is naive...