Daily Archive: March 18, 2010


St. Patrick’s Day & Liberal Culture

For a post with such seemingly low stakes, my recent musings on St. Patrick’s Day received an impassioned reaction. There are a lot of reasons for that. The most interesting, even if not the...


Fantasy and myth

Will linked us to this piece by James Bowman earlier.  Bowman writes: I mention this difference between the fantastical as it existed in olden times and today, which some may think a trivial one,...


He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

WSJ: “He cited the case of a painter whose stock in trade had been portraits of Lenin. The man was now earning his living churning out religious subjects. But, my friend added, so ingrained...


One State to Rule Them All?

In the comments to my earlier post on Israel/Palestine, North and Michael Drew got into a very intelligent (and spirited) back and forth. Michael eventually wrote the following (way down in the thread of...


World Building

Via Alan Jacobs, here’s an interesting critique of modern fantasy writing from The New Atlantis: