The League of Ordinary Madness (II)



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31 Responses

  1. I have joined and made a large number of very foolish picks. I guess my final four isn’t really so off the wall but I’ve at least one sentimental choice for the sweet sixteen.Report

  2. Avatar BCChase says:

    Cole’s Missing Tooth has been entered in. Reverse-jinx: I’m horrible at these things. If I wasn’t a KU fan, I’d pick anyone else to win.Report

  3. Avatar Jonathan says:

    Ah yes. The third Wednesday of March. The day, every year, I wish I had paid more attention during the entire season. Oh well, as long as I don’t lose too badly, I’ll be happy.Report

  4. Avatar mw says:

    Shouldn’t there be some kind of prize? Editor for the day? A no-edit headline post? A 24 hour ban on the commenter of your choice? Something?Report

  5. Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

    Hey, who we gonna ban?Report

  6. Avatar Will says:

    A ban may be a bit harsh, particularly if the unlucky commenter doesn’t even know about our competition. What if the winner gets free reign to write a post on everything that drives them bonkers about the League (or blogosphere in general)? We’ll waive editorial oversight and keep the thing on the front page for at least a day.Report

  7. Avatar transplanted lawyer says:

    I, for one, would be thrilled to offer a guest post in the highly unlikely event that I (and thus the Kentucky Wildcats) were to win.Report

  8. Avatar BCChase says:

    Okay, how many had Georgetown losing in the first round? Any hands up? I didn’t think so. Good, then I still have a chance.Report

  9. Apparently I screwed up and didn’t fill in the bracket attached to the League and instead filled out a different one. Any chance of unlocking the board long enough for me to join and then re-locking?

    My dad went to Murray State. I feel ashamed I didn’t pick them for the upset.Report

  10. Avatar Will says:

    Gents –

    As a recent college grad, my financial position is already shaky (to say the least). But if Wisconsin goes out to Wofford, my children’s children will be consigned to penury. FML.Report