Daily Archive: March 16, 2010


My Problem with St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is America’s favorite ethnic holiday. It is also the strangest. In a calendar crowded with Cinco de Mayo, Kwanzaa, and gay pride parades, St. Paddy’s is the one chance for the...


The League of Ordinary Madness (II)

The League’s official NCAA tournament group is now up and running. Unfortunately, you have to register at ESPN to get in, but signing up makes you eligible for a generous prize package (to be...


The insignificance of the wunderkomputer

Much ado has been blogged about Emily Howell, the computer program that writes Bach chorales , Mozart sonatas, and other kinds of pieces in the style of various composers. You can listen to two...


Truth Without Falsification

One of the ways I differ from the typical gay-activist blogger (aside from being a shameless free-marketeer) is that I’m willing to give ex-gays at least some benefit of the doubt, in a few...


The League of Ordinary Madness

To compensate for all our highbrow talk of philosophy, the classics, French cinema, and Battlestar Galactica, I’m thinking of setting up a League NCAA tournament pool. Drop a comment if you’re filling out a...

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