Daily Archive: March 12, 2010


Friday Night Jukebox

I just had to let you know how I feel: The album version is also excellent:


The Befuddling Wilson

Will has highlighted the growth of anti-Wilson sentiment on the left and the right. Writing in Democracy, Trygve Throntveit tries to counter the wave: True, Wilson sometimes described himself as conservative. But Wilson’s understanding...


Against education subsidies

Kyle writes: [F]or decades, we’ve allowed students in need to get federally subsidized loans to attend both public and private colleges and universities. Some states, even provide scholarships and grants that can be used...


School choice is local, too

Rick Hess makes a great deal of sense in his critique of Diane Ravitch (and this bit echoes what Mark Thompson has pushed in the comments, arguments I also find compelling): A lack of...


The Tea Party-Social Conservative Split

Tension between libertarian-leaning tea partiers and the GOP’s social conservative base was probably inevitable, but the most interesting part of the Politico’s story on a split within the movement is a disagreement over the...


The End of Tenure

Via email, I’ve been asked my thoughts on tenure and the troubles it can cause, so I’d like to wade into that very heated debate. Hopefully, the piranhas aren’t biting today. Okay, the argument...


Stick to lending books

Birmingham’s new library is billing itself as “a palazzo of human thought.” Adding injury to insult, the proposed design is just dreadfully ugly.


Occasional Notes: Stuff I Too Easily Agree With

By my lights, they’re in descending order of plausibility. James Joyner shares my view of sanctions and adds another reason to mistrust them: Sanctions almost never work, since the ruling class is the last...