Daily Archive: March 11, 2010


TV Quote of the Day

“I’d rather dip my jewels in honey and go on a bear watch.” –Shawn Spencer, Psych Season 4 Episode 15  in response to Gus asking him whether he would like to watch his dad...


Slum Urbanism

Somewhat belatedly I’d like to link to this piece about slum urbanism: how environmentalists and other city-lovers can learn from the way slums are pieced together.  “Slum” here is used to mean an informal...


Schools and accountability

[updated] Here’s the part that gets me – if, as is assumed in this critique (an assumption I largely agree with by the way) that it is not possible to adequately measure performance via...


Diane Ravitch on the Diane Rehm Show

By chance, I happened to be driving and listening to NPR today when Diane Ravitch had a guest slot on the Diane Rehm show.  I only caught parts of the program, but what I...


The League Diaspora

Ordinary Gentleman Matthew Schmitz discusses Eric Rohmer and French New Wave Cinema for First Things.


Walmart is not the culprit, it is the symptom

Whatever else one thinks of how we live these days, it’s hard to not see it as temporary, historically anomalous, a peculiar blip in human experience. I’ve spent my whole life riding around in...