Daily Archive: March 8, 2010


Lost blogging – ‘Sundown’

I’m a little late to my Lost blogging again – mainly because I didn’t end up watching ‘Sundown’ until this past Friday.  I thought it was a good episode.  Very dark.  The show is...


I never get tired of these.

The conservative-attack-on-Ayn-Rand essay isn’t anything new, and I don’t know if anyone will ever top Whittaker Chambers’s classic review of Atlas Shrugged, but The New Criterion’s Anthony Daniels has made another entry in the...


Mystical America

All sorts of interesting this morning from Ross Douthat, regarding America and the mystical experience. He writes: Conservative believers fixate on the culture wars, religious liberals preach social justice, and neither leaves room for...


Jeopardy recruits heavily from our blogroll

First James Poulos of Postmodern Conservative, now frequent commenter Kyle Matthews of Vogue Republic. We expect (nay, demand!) an incredibly dorky blog shout-out when Trebek interrogates you after the first commercial break, Kyle.


Markets and morally satisfying outcomes.

I need to vent a little bit about the way the discussions under Jason’s post on markets and E.D.’s response have tended to move into debates about the merits of communism and capitalism, as...


Compare and Contrast

From TNR’s excellent review of The Killer Trail, a history of  one murderous French expedition into the heart of 19th century Africa (emphasis mine): The Europeans, Taithe notes, never recognized African kingdoms as states,...