Daily Archive: March 5, 2010


“Majoring in Idiocy”

Something’s in the air: over at the Front Porch Republic, Jason Peters rails mightily against universities as “diploma retailers” turning young people into “idiots”. It’s well worth reading.


Podcast: Oscar Night at the League

Here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, we’re doing our part to help kill off serious film criticism. I sat down with distinguished League alumnus Freddie deBoer and Sonny Bunch of America’s Future Foundation...


Hayworth FAIL

Br. Erik (as the League’s Arizonan) is probably in a better position to assess this, but why is J.D. Hayworth running an ad with John McCain painted in Avatar-war paint?  1. McCain is remembered...


Lust, caution

The Believer looks at the golden age of teen sex comedies:


The Weekly Standard pulls a Cully Stimson

Does the name Cully Stimson ring a bell? In 2007 Stimson, in his capacity as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs, made a series of bizarre statements on NPR criticizing the law...


We Don’t Need No (overpriced) Education

Taking a breather from celebrity nudity and Rob Reiner’s thoughts on health care, the Huffington Post is currently on a tear about college tuition rates. Angry undergrads are protesting tuition hikes across California and...


Wealth and moral character

Jonah Goldberg makes some very good points about human welfare and markets: I’m no unmitigated fan of Wal-Mart, but it can’t be denied that Wal-Mart—and stores like it—have improved the lives of a lot...


Markets in everything ctd.

I think Jason and I disagree less than his critique of my post would suggest.  He is correct that my rather brief treatment of markets (and the purpose of markets) leaves a great deal...