Daily Archive: March 4, 2010

Deploy the War Wagon!

This video on one Louisiana town’s plan to defend itself from “homegrown terrorists” really has to be seen to be believed:

The Lobbiest.

OG Scott has just started a new blog over at True/Slant that, in his words, “looks at the politics of lobbying and the impacts of lobbyists on politics,” called The Lobbiest (oh, Scott and...

Before Resorting to Markets

I’m glad E. D. Kain’s post about markets has been recovered. It’s easier (and fairer) to critique something that actually exists. He writes: Choice and economic liberty are only useful instruments within society because...

Death of a Blogger

I didn’t know Jon Swift/Al Weisel well enough to appropriately eulogize him, but his death hits close to home nonetheless.   Beyond being a gifted writer capable of earning the respect of one of his...

The Crow’s In The Oven

It’s not quite ready to eat yet, but it’s definitely getting closer.  Push still hasn’t come to shove, but Gov. Christie is increasingly looking to have a better idea of how he’s going to...

The Mittens Come Off

I see Br. Matthew has beaten me to the punch* on this one, but Mitt Romney is not dropping foreign policy science in his new book. From Time’s Alex Altman: It’s tempting to dismiss the section...

The Next Culture War

After evolution, classroom fights over climate science and The Big Bang Theory are the next front in the education cultural war.

Scandinavian Noir

N+1 reviews the Millenium trilogy, a Swedish crime series that takes a surprisingly dim view of the welfare state:

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