Daily Archive: March 3, 2010


Technical kerfuffles

So, somehow new Gentleman Jason Kuznicki – hereafter known as the most unlucky blogger on the face of the planet – had his user account deleted along with all his posts.  In my attempt...


Markets in Everything

Following up a bit on my “General America” piece, I wanted to add that I find the “all markets all the time” position within conservatism to be somewhat unfulfilling as well.  Market solutions are...


A Note on Athenian Pederasty

This is one of the posts from my other blog that disappeared into the ether with our technical difficulties. It seems to deserve reposting here for a couple of reasons. First, it fits well...


Of Course it Matters

“Does it matter where you see a piece of art?” Jed Perl asks at the New Republic, in an article about the imminent and ill-conceived move of the Barnes Collection from its original home...

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