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  1. greginak says:

    i guess the question is how many people will be sucked in by this , even by republican standards, sleazy stupid pile of BS. Obama seems to be able to handle this kind of crap well and only wingnuts seem to be buying it. Obama is talented at , you know, appearing like an actual American.Report

    • Matt Schmitz in reply to greginak says:

      I hope you’re right, but as someone who is invested in a smarter, more effective, and more principled conservatism, I also hope that there is no further chance for its effectiveness to be proved.Report

      • zic in reply to Matt Schmitz says:

        This is slightly off-topic, but I’m seeking the opinion of “someone who is invested in a smarter, more effective, and more principled conservatism,” I wonder if you’d comment on this Politico story.

        I know Dems also pander to the worst in their base, (millions will die without health-care reform, anything GWB, evil corporations, TBTF, etc.) but this seems a new low.Report

        • Matthew Schmitz in reply to zic says:

          Political operatives in the future will look at this document and chuckle. If anything, it’s a record of a quaint, disappearing time in American politics when individual donors, large and small, had to be manipulated and catered to. Those fundraisers will be glad for the relative ease of post-McCain Feingold era. All the have to do is extort corporate contributions with regulatory and legislative threats and promises. But I wonder if they won’t miss the human interest of a life spent flattering cranks and pandering to paranoia.Report

          • zic in reply to Matthew Schmitz says:

            That’s some bright future. Reminds me of “Neuromancer.”

            One can only hope the freelancers of the future will have enough attachment to a company for some small bit of political representation.

            Thank you.Report

        • Scott in reply to zic says:

          Maybe this is just the most honest assessment of fundrasing that some have seen. I worked for a major university’s medical school development office and we did the same, stroked folks egos and passed out crap to get them to fund a room or building in their name.Report

  2. Barry says:

    The GOP will use it until it has repeatedly failed to get them gains. Their base loves it, major monied factions (the neocon war industry) supports it, the press will eat it up, and it does seem to have worked.Report