Daily Archive: March 2, 2010


Foreign Policy and Cultural Politics

Daniel Larison advises Republicans against attacking Obama on foreign-policy grounds: Despite the endless inane attacks from the GOP, most of the public approves of Obama’s handling of foreign policy and a plurality approves of...


Why don’t Jews write fantasy?

Via First Thoughts, here’s a great essay on Jewish faith and fantasy writing. One of the authors featured, Lev Grossman, was interviewed by our very own E.D. Kain not too long ago.


The McDonald Bust

Orin Kerr has a preliminary summary up of the argument in McDonald v. Chicago from this morning.  As one may have anticipated, it looks like the Court is going to sidestep the opportunity to...


The League Book Club

In keeping with Mr. Kain’s suggestion for more interaction at this party (less sitting in the corner of the room, glumly sipping a whiskey sour) and pivoting off of Mr. Schaengold’s great post about...



Check out the line at 11PM last night to get into this morning’s oral arguments on McDonald v. City of Chicago.  It’s almost as if the possibility (however remote) of restoring the privileges and...


Sexuality à la carte?

I’m currently reading Troublesome Young Men, a history of anti-fascist parliamentarians in 1930s Britain. At first blush, this has very little to do with David’s excellent post on homosexuality, pedophilia and desire. But the...


General America

Some hail the 1950s as America’s golden decade.  It was boom time in America, and like the Big Automakers, Big Government continued what was begun during the Great Depression, adding notches to the belt...