Daily Archive: March 1, 2010


To trip the light mechanic

If you’re in Paris, you absolutely must go see “sans objet” at Théâtre des Abbesses. As Le Monde explains, it is “a piece for a robot and two interpretive-acrobats” dancing together. The robot is...


Desire and Deviance

While reading Megan McArdle’s interesting pair of posts on “non-practicing” pedophiles, I was struck by the thought that the tone of the posts perfectly captured the attitude of a certain segment of society perhaps...


Getting Steamed

Here’s a smart article on the appeal of “steampunk,” a Victorian-science fiction hybrid that features some of the coolest-looking clothes out there.


Faces of the Future

io9 points to composite sketches of our future faces from 1910 and 1993. The pictures from 1910 are particularly funny – I can’t help noticing that all of the Southern and Eastern European faces...


Food Blogging

Thanks to Monsieur IOZ, I made this for dinner last night (well, without the mushrooms, since my wife has an unforgivable aversion to mushrooms even though she’s one of them I-talian-Americans), and the leftovers...


Wariness and skepticism.

I don’t have much to say about race issues in the USA, since I think I’m still at a stage where I should be doing much more listening than speaking, but this month-old blog...


On Blogging

Reading both Andrew’s comments on the Atlantic’s site re-design and Ta-Nehisi Coates, I am reminded again of the importance of creating something personal with new media, that blogging is not journalism exactly, and that...


What Would It Take to Un-Marry You?

A set of hypotheticals for all the married folk out there. Each is intended to stand alone. They don’t escalate from one to the next, and I’m not fishing for any particular conclusions here....