Monthly Archive: February 2010


Homer “The Odyssey”

Judging by the freshmen at my university (hereafter “Mall U”), I’d guess that high schools now assign the Odyssey more often than the Iliad. I suppose the Odyssey is more a yarn, with daring...


Paul Mulshine is a State Treasure

This is not the first time I’ve said this.  It won’t be the last, even if I disagree with him pretty frequently on social issues and often have to think to myself “Oh Grandpa,...


Van Jones gets a new job

I’m not interested in rehashing fringe conspiracy theories, but the folks at the Center for American Progress seem remarkably unconcerned about their new colleague ‘s connection to the 9/11 “truthers.”

Why I Hate Politics

I’m Jason Kuznicki, and I hate politics. By way of introduction, I’m going to tell you why. I hate politics because in it, someone wins, and someone loses, always, everywhere, in everything. There are...


Torture Fatigue

Is the GOP really becoming the party of torture? For the past several years I have been assuming that the torture would eventually stop for good, that both parties would disown what had been...


A Treatise on Dental Aesthetics

In addition to an art museum and a center for the arts, Princeton, New Jersey has a “Center for Dental Aesthetics.” These institutions are more common than one might think, and I’d like to...


Liberaltarianism is dead

“I don’t want to say that liberaltarianism is dead. But is it endangered? Sure. It deserves to be.” ~ Jason Kuznicki I think the hopes placed in the Obama administration by libertarians have been...


Creating a New Establishment

Despite some quibbles with his characterization of the modern Left, I hope Dan Riehl is very much on the right track in arguing that the old movement conservative establishment is no longer capable of holding the...


Iran is Going to Get a Bomb–Deal With It

Richard Grenell takes to the e-pages of HuffingtonPost to say the following: One year later Obama has single-handedly allowed the Iranians more than a year of unfettered progress toward a nuclear weapon with less...


Meanwhile, at True/Slant (and elsewhere)

I’ve been posting on the NRO torture dust-up.  I talk about torture and traditional warfare here; torture and Catholicism here (see also Conor here).  I ponder the cuts in Virginia’s budget in response to...


Speaking of Scorsese

My opinion of Raging Bull is altogether more favorable than Mr. Schaengold’s, but even if you’re not a fan, Vanity Fair’s article on the making of the movie is worth a read.


Hesiod “Theogony”

Now we come to Theogony, Hesiod’s account of the old gods and the coming of the Olympians. It’s rougher going than Works and Days. Some sections feature interminable lists as hard to keep straight...


The Cult of Alex Jones

Pretty great profile of the United States’ premier conspiracy-monger.


The GOP Needs an Agenda

Rick Moran explains why “being less sucky” isn’t going to be enough for the GOP to sweep back into power this fall, even if it will be enough for the GOP to make significant...


No More Rathole?

Via Millinerd, I see that stimulus funds have been granted to proceed with the long-awaited Moynihan Station. Disappointing, though, if the new station only accommodates Amtrak.


The Banal Sublimity of Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s latest movie, Shutter Island, opened today. It received a decidedly negative critical reaction. A.O. Scott writes representatively: “Nothing is as it seems. Something TERRIBLE is afoot. Sadly, that something turns out to...


The Ahmadi-man Is Not The Issue

It’s things like this that ensure that Iran’s nuclear program is at the bottom of the list of things that keep me awake at night.