Daily Archive: February 25, 2010


Friendship and civic virtue

Patrick Deneen has written a fascinating entry on friendship, politics and civic virtue. Excerpting doesn’t do the post justice, but here’s the crux of his thesis: The real relationships of people in their localities...


The French: Dangerous or Merely Useless?

Jody Bottum’s provocative First Things piece on France put me in mind of this old but timeless piece by the late Porterfield Higgins-Jones Jr.: Why do we Anglo-Saxon nations, with our wise Moderation, reverence...


Defending the tea parties

In the comments to my tea party post, Freddie writes: It would help, you know, if you didn’t caricature my argument, or insert terms I didn’t use. Indeed, the point isn’t that they are...


Sympathy for the Aristocracy

Those who share the Porch’s aristocratic nostalgia will enjoy Trevor Phillips on The Wind in the Willows:


A Quick FAQ

So who are you anyway? I’m a Research Fellow at the Cato Institute. Here’s my professional page. I’m especially proud of Cato Unbound, the Institute’s monthly ideas journal, which I help to edit. Ah,...