Daily Archive: February 24, 2010


The Best Mascot Ever

Via the First Church of Bracketology, the Ole Miss Rebels have a chance to pick up the best mascot in college sports and strike a blow for inter-galactic inclusiveness.


The Syrup Party?

Is Canada getting a tea party? The Economist suggests so, pointing to the Wildrose Alliance, a group formed in Alberta because the Conservative Party isn’t sufficiently conservative for Albertans. (My neighbour explains all of...


Homer “The Odyssey”

Judging by the freshmen at my university (hereafter “Mall U”), I’d guess that high schools now assign the Odyssey more often than the Iliad. I suppose the Odyssey is more a yarn, with daring...


Paul Mulshine is a State Treasure

This is not the first time I’ve said this.  It won’t be the last, even if I disagree with him pretty frequently on social issues and often have to think to myself “Oh Grandpa,...


Van Jones gets a new job

I’m not interested in rehashing fringe conspiracy theories, but the folks at the Center for American Progress seem remarkably unconcerned about their new colleague ‘s connection to the 9/11 “truthers.”

Why I Hate Politics

I’m Jason Kuznicki, and I hate politics. By way of introduction, I’m going to tell you why. I hate politics because in it, someone wins, and someone loses, always, everywhere, in everything. There are...