Daily Archive: February 22, 2010


Creating a New Establishment

Despite some quibbles with his characterization of the modern Left, I hope Dan Riehl is very much on the right track in arguing that the old movement conservative establishment is no longer capable of holding the...


Iran is Going to Get a Bomb–Deal With It

Richard Grenell takes to the e-pages of HuffingtonPost to say the following: One year later Obama has single-handedly allowed the Iranians more than a year of unfettered progress toward a nuclear weapon with less...


Meanwhile, at True/Slant (and elsewhere)

I’ve been posting on the NRO torture dust-up.  I talk about torture and traditional warfare here; torture and Catholicism here (see also Conor here).  I ponder the cuts in Virginia’s budget in response to...


Speaking of Scorsese

My opinion of Raging Bull is altogether more favorable than Mr. Schaengold’s, but even if you’re not a fan, Vanity Fair’s article on the making of the movie is worth a read.