Daily Archive: February 18, 2010

Austin Rohrshach Test

Shannon Love of the Chicago Boyz takes exactly the right tact in discussing the motives of this morning’s suicide bomber of the IRS in Austin, Texas.  She concludes:

Yale Sex Week

Ordinary Gentleman David Schaengold recently gave a lecture for Yale Sex Week. National Review has a writeup (possibly NSFW).

Data & Don’t ask don’t tell

Mary Eberstadt has an excellent article in Policy Review on the difficulties faced by military mothers and their children. Some of the statistics she cites are especially notable: Around 40% of women on active...

Question of the Day

Brad Warbiany: “What are the odds that the media will understand that the true problem is not that Obama is to blame or that Obama is our savior, but that this economy is the...

History Thursday

I aggregate so you don’t have to: From The Dreyfus Affair to the Eiffel Tower, the conflict between Church and State in late 19th century France; remembering the Berlin Airlift, 1948-49; Christopher Hitchens reviews...